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With close to 5,600 experts, the NEURONES group specializes in Consulting (Management, Organization and Digital) and Digital Services (Infrastructures and Applications).
Implemented by entities with specific areas of expertise, NEURONES’ core businesses have been grouped together within 3 business segments.



Guaranteeing high availability and secure access to IT infrastructures, operating them, making them profitable and developing them is the task of this business segment boasting close to 4,400 employees.



Backed up by 20 years of experience in applications projects, this business segment, which employs 1,000 people, is committed to helping our clients in the successive changes in their information systems.



Managed by associates with previous experience in major international firms, this business segment employs close to 200 consultants, essentially providing consulting services in management, organization and digital transformation.



Who better than its people to talk about NEURONES?

  • Guillaume - Président (IT Finance)
  • Christophe - Directeur général (Infogérance sur Cloud computing)
  • Claire - Deputy HR Manager (Gestion d’infrastructures)
  • Jean - CEO (SAP business)
  • Hervé - Director of International Development (User support)
  • Amelie - Human Resources Business Partner (User support)
  • Guillaume - Consultant Chef de projet Innovation (Objets connectés / IoT)
  • Didier - Directeur général (Mobilité)
  • Cyrille - Chairman and CEO (IT Security)
  • Cliff - Directeur commercial (GED / Dématérialisation)
  • Léa - Service Delivery Manager (IT Infrastructures)
  • Tanya - Senior sales manager (Finance de marché)
  • Charles - Directeur général (Production informatique)
  • Joseph - Department manager (ECM, EDM and BPM)
  • Cosmin - Service Center Director, Romania (User support)
  • Jérôme - Chairman (Formation informatique)
  • Alexander - Managing Director Germany (User support)
  • Cécile - HR Manager (User Support)
  • Isabelle - Payroll Manager (Group)
  • Christophe - Associate Manager (SAP integration and outsourcing)
  • Jérôme - Deputy Managing Director (IT infrastructure)
  • Mathieu - Agency Manager (IT Operations)
  • Rafaèle - Global Account Manager (group)
  • Adrien - Team leader in infrastructure and automation (Cloud Outsourcing)
  • Guilhem - Digital Experience Solution Manager (Mobile applications)
  • Marta - Directrice générale adjointe (Intégration et Infogérance SAP)
  • Audrey - Operations Manager (IT Training)

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