Managed services / Outsourcing

Outsourcing certain parts of an information system means facilitating a company's transformation, while ensuring long-term control of quality and costs.

NEURONES commits:

  • its contractual liability concerning the agreed level of service,
  • the various services components of its “Infrastructure” and “Applications” centres, adapted to each context,
  • its know-how in matters of service desk, support (remote or local) to the workstation and supervision and operation of applications and networks, application support and third-party application maintenance,
  • its service options such as hosting or ownership outsourcing.

Because well-run Outsourcing is synonymous with simplification, efficiency and savings, a unique outsourcing piloting structure is made available to NEURONES' clients, giving them the advantage of:

  • the group's various complimentary offers and resources,
  • the essential responsiveness allowing unique technical programme management and short circuits,
  • rapid capitalisation on experience and know-how,
  • direct supervision by General Management.

NEURONES' strengths:

  • Progress plan for each instance of Outsourcing.
  • Consistent processes and proven ITIL practices.
  • Methodology documented, phase by phase (taking responsibility, operation, handover).
  • 25 years experience of concrete and significant gains (20 to 25% less incidents in three years).
  • Strong industrialisation from service centers.

managed services contracts for infrastructure and cybersecurity

active TPAM contracts

employees working on managed services contracts

The NEURONES outsourcing offer is based on industrialized services:


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