Would you like to:

  • …succeed and why not, one day, help to set up a company?

Start up turned success story and one of the top 10 digital-services companies in France, NEURONES is ambitious for your career. Joining our group means:
- nurturing your employability by remaining at the technological forefront, among other enthusiasts; 
- valuing the goodwill of managers who do not forget that they too were once beginners;
- entering an environment that enables everyone to build their future and success.

  • …meet the innovative partner you need for your digital transformation projects?

As a group specializing in consulting and digital services, NEURONES draws its strength from agile entities and its start-up mindset. Each entity is an experienced specialist in its field. NEURONES also successfully implements digital solutions that are tailored to each client’s particular needs, relying on:
- the best, most up-to-date technologies (big data & analytics, mobility, social networks, collaborative tools, DevOps, cloud, cybersecurity, smart objects…);
- support, ranging from management and organization consulting to digital transformation consulting;
- an excellent grasp of the managed services, in infrastructure and applications landscapes alike.

  • …safely invest in a tried-and-tested asset?

The NEURONES group is one of the success stories of our time. It was built on:
- proven, sound foundations bolstered by internal growth;
- an original, appealing organization gathering shareholder entrepreneurs;
- buoyant, profitable growth.

…So join the NEURONES adventure and let’s go “Forward together…®”!

specialized in Consulting and Digital Services

> 6,700

since 2000 (Paris, France)

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