Overall offer

Implemented by entities with specific areas of expertise, NEURONES’ line of products and services combines Consulting, Integration of state-of-the-art technological solutions and Outsourcing of information systems (design/build/run).

It is aimed at medium and large companies and public-sector bodies looking for a flexible and economical framework to use technology, geared towards enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The business-line entities are grouped into three centers:

  • Design, integration and operations of systems and networks
  • User support
  • IT operations
  • Server and application outsourcing in cloud computing mode - IT security
  • IT service management - IT governance

  • SAP
  • ECM, EDM, BPM and dematerialization
  • IT finance
  • Mobility, social, big data and analytics
  • IT training - Change management

  • Management and organization consulting
  • Digital transformation consulting

An integrated offer

A central team manages the entire customer relationship for some key accounts

To support the various businesses’ sales forces, this central team fulfills the following assignments:

  • organizing and coordinating the Group’s sales initiatives,
  • consolidating completed projects and assignments,
  • preparing reports for key accounts.

A coordinating structure is dedicated to major cross-functional contracts

The assignments of this structure include:

  • coordinating the performance of multi-business contracts during the initial start-up phase, the operating phase and the reversibility phase,
  • capitalizing on experiences and regularly updating the Group’s standards.

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