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Organizing and streamlining the transformation and integration processes of their offers has become a matter of course for most companies. Especially when they realize that innovation comes from the reflections of multidisciplinary teams (sales, marketing, customer support, IT, business teams, etc.). In order to achieve concrete results, they must therefore supervise, coordinate and equip this thought process and create an environment conducive to brainstorming ("labs", etc.).

Downstream, to ensure the success of a new digitized customer journey, the customer experience must be pleasant, fluid and intuitive. This is the purpose of the UX/UI (User Experience, User Interface) concept.  In addition, powerful tools (DMP) are used to optimize the customer journey on high-traffic websites. 

NEURONES' services:

  • Demonstration of real use cases.
  • Facilitation of innovation workshops (design thinking, creative games, etc.). 
  • Realization of hackathons to quickly go from idea to use
  • Methodology for scaling up innovative projects.
  • Realization or concretization of these uses in the form of Apps (which allow to operate new services in a given ecosystem). 
  • UX/UI expertise, Design Thinking and Product Management.
  • Data Management Platforms (DMP): BlueKai (Oracle) and Krux (Salesforce).
  • Personalization: choose, in real time, the sales information sent to a web surfer based on his browsing history and the CRM data concerning him (personalization software:  Maxymizer, Optimizely, etc.).
  • Omni-channel models of attribution: modeling cross-channel client journeys to orient media expenditures in real-time based on the visitor’s known profile and the tactics decided for all channels (Adobe Campaign, Next Best Action, etc.).  

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