Cloud, Infrastructure as code

Infrastructures have become hybrid.  As such, public or private clouds which are well used, now provide a more automated and less costly operation in terms of manpower.  Clouds and containers are more flexible and help reduce the time to market for new versions of business applications.


  • Public Cloud: preparation and possible rebuilding of applications, assistance with the transfer and recurring management of the scope located in the public cloud, advice on controlling costs (FinOps).  
  • Private Cloud: significant experience of hosting complete information systems in a private Cloud: around ten years, more than 15,000 virtual machines hosted.
  • Cloud Management Platforms (CMP). 
  • APIs, containers (Docker and Kubernetes). 
  • Infrastructure automation:  Ansible, Terraform. 
  • Infrastructure self-service:  Python, Ruby on rails, etc. 
  • Switching to SDDC (Software Defined Data Centers) for data centers. 

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