Outsourcing in cloud computing mode / IT security

Servers and applications outsourcing in cloud computing mode

The remote server and application operation center (Osmose® solution) provides shared remote management of servers, networks and applications. The Group’s teams handle alert reports transmitted by supervision tools (reactive mode), take preventive action (proactive mode), perform tasks planned using a scheduler, manage releases and changes. This center runs on a 24/7 basis. It has been able to increase productivity by pooling certain resources, such as supervision, database administrators, ERP operation (SAP’s BC profiles), security expertise, etc.

The infrastructure service line includes infrastructure hosting, entirely in private cloud mode. The old physical servers have been virtualized and installed on high-performance sets of blade servers. Data storage and backups are pooled and centralized. All servers are hosted within four “Tier 3+” certified partner hosting companies in ten or so different data centers. Subcontracting is limited strictly to “simple hosting”. Hosting partners do not have access to the servers managed in the areas rented from them. Associated with the Tunisia’s top private economic player, this entity rolled out and runs a data center in cloud computing mode in Tunis.

The Group has several years’ experience and feedback in private cloud computing with a large number of clients, which gives it a competitive edge in this sector.

IT Security

The security business, which is a key success factor for outsourcing in cloud computing mode, is also growing in a market that remains fundamentally buoyant. Information systems are now more open and readily accessible – and hence more vulnerable – than ever before, with e-mail, systematic Internet connections, interconnections between a company’s head office, agencies, clients, suppliers and partners, and the widespread practice of remote access from portable computers or devices (staff who work off site or from home, etc.).

This business embraces complementary missions:

  • qualification: audits and intrusion testing,
  • consulting: defining security policy and plans,
  • on clients’ behalf, Security Operations Center (SOC) management, IT system supervision centers for the detection and prevention of security incidents.

NEURONES' strengths:

  • A remote-operation centre with proven processes and with its own tools covering all contracts.
  • A state-of-the-art hosting centre.
  • 20 years of experience in IT security. Intrusion tests carried out in a framework that is legal, strict and methodical, while respecting confidentiality. Organic technology-watch centre, permanently on the lookout for new technical faults and techniques for logical penetration, which continually enhances its know-how. High-level expertise in encryption. PKI expertise.

420 people
as at 12/31/2019

10 hosting centers
operating 24/7

servers operated

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