Managed private and public cloud services

The remote server and application operation center provides shared remote management of servers, networks and applications. The Group's teams handle alert reports transmitted by supervision tools (reactive mode), take preventive action (proactive mode), perform tasks planned using a scheduler, manage releases and changes. Operating 24/7, it has been able to increase productivity by pooling certain resources, such as supervision, database administrators, ERP operation (SAP's BC profiles), security expertise, etc.

The infrastructure supply offer includes hosting in a private cloud. The old physical servers have been virtualized and installed on high-performance sets of blade servers. Data storage and backups are pooled and centralized. All servers are hosted within four “Tier 3+” certified partners and in ten or so different data centers. Subcontracting is limited strictly to “simple hosting”. Hosting partners do not have access to the servers managed in the areas rented from them.

To meet the needs of its clients (DevOps, automatic provisioning, containers, etc.), the service also includes SaaS, public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. For the public cloud, client budget management assistance services (FinOps) are growing rapidly.


NEURONES' strenghts:

  • Several years of feedback regarding the private cloud, with many references. 
  • Operating centers with well-established processes, equipped with their own tools for all contracts. 
  • State-of-the-art hosting centers. 

200 people
as at 12/31/2023

11 hosting centers
operating 24/7

Virtual servers hosted in a private cloud

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