IT operations, DevOps

IT operations involve managing the processing operations of business applications run on enterprise servers and using database management systems (DBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, etc.). It calls on different types of profile: operators, operations analysts (support, operation and preparation), operations engineers, systems engineers and operations project managers, along with data center architects and PMO (Project Management Office) profiles.

The IT operations business has changed considerably and now deals primarily with real-time applications, along with the methods and software tools it uses. The IT operations business requires proficiency in Unix, the main schedulers on the market ($Universe and Control M), the main supervision (HP-OV) and alert (Patrol) tools and the main backup tools (Netbackup, Networker). For many clients, it is also necessary to have a good grasp of Internet architectures (e.g., Websphere).

Proper integration of the applications in production (adjusting processing and controls, documentation) and efficient management of changes remain key success factors, together with completion of the operations plan.

Some operations teams implement DevOps tool chains (e.g., Git, Jenkins, Nexus, XL Deploy, etc.), other profiles are integrated in mixed teams (“pizza teams”) blending Dev and Ops profiles, working in DevOps mode, so new versions of applications can be released almost continuously. Often, these teams provision the middleware resources themselves and even the hardware (data, servers) they need.  Usually, only one part of the legacy applications is eligible for the cloud and DevOps. 

NEURONES' strenghts:

  • 30 years of expertise in IT production. 
  • World-class references in the Banking/Insurance sector. 
  • Present on all Operating Systems (Unix, Windows, etc.). 
  • Innovative system and network supervision solutions. 

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