Consulting in digital transformation and digital marketing

With scoping or operational type interventions, this activity covers the following fields of expertise:

  • coordinating innovation workshops design thinking, creative games), acculturation sessions for executives and managers on digital technologies, demonstration of roll-out on real cases, help in creating new products and services,
  • managing marketing data on DMP (Data Management Platforms) and managing cookies and their historization, with tools like BlueKai (Oracle) or Krux (Salesforce), 
  • personalization: choose, in real time, the sales information sent to a web surfer based on his browsing history and the CRM data concerning him (personalization software:  Maxymizer, Optimzely, etc.), 
  • omni-channel models of attribution: modeling cross-channel client journeys to orient media expenditures in real-time based on the visitor’s known profile and the tactics decided for all channels, 
  • omni-channel: (Abode Campaign and Next Best Action tools), 
  • sales outlets connected with sensors.  

NEURONES' strengths:

  • Experienced associates formerly from world-class consulting firms.
  • DMP references from major accounts.

25 people
as at 12/31/2020

digital consulting

DMP partner:
Krux (Salesforce)

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