Cyrille - Chairman and CEO (IT Security)
Chairman and CEO
(IT Security)
With NEURONES since 2005
“The freedom to operate as a start-up within a large group encourages initiative and innovation.”

“I entered NEURONES as a trainee security consultant 10 years ago and today I’m Chairman and CEO of the secu­rity business. I owe my career success to the excellent work done by my teams, unflagging commitment and the freedom to operate as a start-up within a large group that encourages initiative and innovation.

To sum up a career that I would encourage others to emulate, five years after my internship, I became manager of the security unit, driven by my natural inclination for managing every aspect of a business: sales, human resources, R&D, etc.

At the same, I became a shareholder in the company. In 2015, the security branch became a separate entity, with nearly 70 cyber security specialists.

Backed by my experience and commitment, and the certainty that this was a high-potential market, I became the Chairman and CEO.

The NEURONES model gives this cyber security entity the position of a pure player in its ecosystem - an undeniable advantage on an ultra-competitive but promising market.

I hope to pursue my career as a boss at NEURONES, tackling the ever-present challenge of managing growth and supported by the people who are the Group’s most valuable resource.”

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