Laurence - Hypermobility Service Manager (Digital workplace)
Hypermobility Service Manager
(Digital workplace)
With NEURONES since 2015
"At NEURONES, everyone grows together in a spirit of very strong human values."

The technology sector attracted me very early on and I followed a work-study program in Computer Management, with an option in Systems and Networks Administrator. With my diploma in hand, I went to work as an Architect in DSC and in companies. In 2015, I chose to specialize in mobility, a sector that was beginning to develop and obviously promised a bright future.

I then joined the Group in a new Business Unit for digital transformation and managed services. At the time, the structure was just starting up, there were only four of us... everything had to be created! I held many positions, wore different hats and learned a lot. It is also a great pleasure to work hand in hand with a motivated team and to help the entity grow exponentially. What I really like at NEURONES is that everyone grows together, in a spirit of family and very strong human values. It is very inspiring and motivating.

Last year, I wanted to rediscover the start-up spirit that had excited me so much when I started. For the past eight months, I have been contributing my expertise to a Group DSC for which I am building a hypermobility service line from A to Z, with a dedicated team. I hope that many others will join me in this new adventure to share the momentum and help this new and exciting project grow with me!

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