Guilhem - Digital Experience Solution Manager (Mobile applications)
Digital Experience Solution Manager
(Mobile applications)
"NEURONES is a one of-a-kind company in digital services in France: it gives everyone the opportunity to conduct business!"

At the beginning of 2017, after an initial experience as a partner in the digital sector, I wanted to settle in the Nantes region and embark on a new adventure. The turning point was a very positive meeting with the founder of the group’s digital agency: together, we decided to launch a user experience (UX) design business.

Two years later, the “Creative Factory” had a staff of 25. Recently, this business unit has expanded into product management and the customer experience (CX). This specialization, which is complementary to UX design, lets us guide and support clients in every aspect of their digital solutions: from services to mobile apps, including the line-ofbusiness interface. Over and above the operational expertise, we are responsible for the professional and business aspect and the voice of the customer.

What I liked when I joined the group is the attitude of the founders, the entrepreneurs and the senior executives. Good working relationships create a lasting climate of trust. The entrepreneurial spirit, which is one of the group’s core values, leaves each entity free to choose its strategy: sales, HR, technology or marketing. This freedom is also a very important value for me. In this respect, NEURONES is a one-of-a-kind company in the world of digital services in France: it gives everyone the opportunity to conduct business and stand by their choices and their vision.


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