Innovation, connected devices (IoT)

The activities related to connected devices (IoT), and more broadly to innovation consulting, have been grouped together in a specialized subsidiary.

They include the following services:

  • support for innovation
  • methodology for scaling up innovations,  
  • integration of new technologies (e.g.  AI - Artificial Intelligence in predictive maintenance or video recognition), 
  • development of data feedback platforms, 
  • increasing the value of data,
  • data science. 

The methodology for scaling up innovative projects, based on in-house software support 

NEURONES' strenghts:

  • Experience in innovation workshops, design thinking and scale-up challenges. 
  • References in sensor-based projects (IoT).

65 people
as at 12/31/2023

Innovation Toolbox

References in AI
(Artficial Intelligence)

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